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use the entire screen

Globall embed: Inside The Global Map


In INIT of the frame right after opening the window:

OrgStyle# = GetWindowLong(0{PROP:Handle},-16)
OrgStyle# = BXOR(OrgStyle#,0C00000H)
NewStyle# = SetWindowLong(0{PROP:Handle},-16,OrgStyle#)
r# = SetWindowPos(0{PROP:Handle},0,0,,,24h)

To find Max values i guess you can first do a 0{PROP:Maximized} = True and use the API GetWindowPos to read the Window size. Dont use
GetPosition(0,X,Y,W,H) because if you uses toolbars the WindowSize is redused. Using GetWindowPos will give you the correct size.

Ole-Morten Heien


> With a standard Clarion application (app frame, etc), how do I get a
> procedure to use the entire screen, not just the app window?
> This is for a POS application which I want to appear as a normal
> Windows application, EXCEPT when it it running as a cash register.
> The cash register procedure should use the entire screen.
> Can’t seem to find the right combination of settings, or whatever.