Our product ClaScript is an add on for Clarion programers and includes a script language and a window formatter. With this tool programs can be generated offering the utmost flexibility, since the end user is able to intervene in the program flow at normally inaccessible places and thus individual requirements can be met.

ClaScript is a Clarion Add On for ABC template set. You can use it with C5, C5.5, C6.x and C7 . We ship ClaScript as template and app-file (no black box, no magic, easy to read code).

C7 Users: replace in dialog procedure on line 386 “if errorcode() = 800 then” with “if errorcode() then”

Script Language
script example:

GLO:VAR1 := records(PERSON)
progress(GLO:VAR1)                    ! open progress window
  if error > 0 then break endif
  progress(1)                         ! update progress bar
  if PERSON:PriceFlag = 0 then
    PERSON:PriceFlag := 2
  • the syntax of the script language is like clarion
  • control structures: if, else, case, loop, break, cycle
  • store values to any variables at runtime
  • read and write access to all files and fields on dictionary
  • full file access at runtime like: open(), close(), fetch(), insert(), delete(), records() or clear()
  • clarion functions like: sub(), len(),upper(), chr(), sin(), clip(), format(), band(), today()… (see evaluate.pdf)
  • call any bind functions
  • simple editor with search, field list, table list and function list
  • remarks at the end of a line
  • interaction with Dialog (Runtime Window)
  • Window Formatter

  • clarion like window formatter
  • use a normal window template as base (useful for other templates like translator)
  • controls: entry, varstring, string, prompt, text, button, radio, droplist, listbox, sheet, tab, group, panel, line, ellipse, box
  • align box, copy control, center, multiple select
  • move or resize controls with mouse or keyboard
  • store definition as plain text (customer can send window definitions per e-mail)
  • listbox with file access (insert, delete, change)
  • properties: positon, color, fontsize, bold, flat, unterline, justification, tooltip, icon, picture, text
  • conditions for buttons
  • buttons can call other functions or store values (like set datefield = today())
  • validate records before close the window after press the OK-Button
  • Installation and Integration Steps


  • register clascript template
  • copy to your app directory
  • add clascript files to your dictionary (copy and paste)
  • select in your dictionary
  • insert module to add your data.dll on multi dll projects
  • setup template for runtime fileaccess
  • setup template for update fields
  • insert calls for administration and runtime of Scipt and Dialog in your application
Download Demo
  • download Version 1.02 (700KB)
  • this demo show you all functions from clascipt on tow example files
  • price per developer license is $350.00 US
  • companies inside the EU must enter the VAT identification number
  • private persons in EU and all German must pay plus 19% german VAT

you can also order ClaScript at [Buy Now] [Vote]

VAT identification number only for EU companies outside from germany

Ralf Schoeffler