app for russian language

Tanya Lumkis:

I have an app that supports some multi-langual capabilities on certain fields. I allow the user to dynamically change to a number of
languages (Russian, Greek, English, Vietnamese).

Depending up what business functions the your app will undertake you will need to change the charater set at the appilcation or window level. Or you can change it for individual fields as required.


If you are using the email templates i’ve found using a variable to
define the language allows the user to dynamically change the language

 Local:Language = '/plain;charset="iso-8859-5"'
 charset="iso-8859-1=5' will need to be inserted 

You will find that the Cyrillic character set should still support the latin based alphabet as well.

I also have found that choosing a unicode font (like Lucinda Unicode) will help.

If you are using Win2000 or XP you can add Russian as one of the languages and switch to the Russian to check that display and entry etc. works. (To input Russian characters use the On-Screen Keyboard if you don’t have a dual mode keyboard)

Of course if your Russian clients are running the Russian version of Windows they won’t have too many problems. You will find that using the dictionary to scan any files will not display the correct character set unless you have Russian Windows. However, when you display the records with the character set = cyrillic they will display correctly.

The clarion help does have an explanation of character sets under Fonts.
Also you can check out (International Standards Org) and for info on character sets and the Internet.

Hope this is of some help.

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